Board of Trustees

Challenge Prep Founder and Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets usually the third Wednesday of each month at the school. The community is always welcome. Check our the master calendar for the dates of upcoming board meetings.  Announcements concerning the next board meeting appear under the News section of our website and on our Facebook page. See below for downloadable agendas and minutes of our meetings.

Annual Reports:

CPCS Annual Report 2010-11

CPCS Annual Audit 2010-11

CPCS Annual Report 2011-12

CPCS Annual Audit 2011-12

CPCS Annual Report 2012-13

CPCS Annual Audit 2012-13

CPCS Annual Report 2013-14

CPCS Annual Audit 2013-14

CPCS Annual Report 2014-15

CPCS Annual Audit 2014-15



Rev. Dr. Les Mullings, Founder/CEO

Rev. Mullings, the Founder/CEO, is the Executive Director of the Rockaway Center for Community Development.  He was also a youth development specialist with the NYCDOE where he worked with children in a number of elementary, middle and high schools, and is the Senior Pastor of the Far Rockaway Community Church of the Nazarene. More...



Federica Jefferies, Chair

Frederica Jeffries has dedicated years to law enforcement and practice spending time most recently as the Supervising Assistant District Attorney for Queens County in the Special Prosecutions Division. She has also served as a law teacher and family psychotherapist. For over 20 years, Jeffries has made Queens a better borough through fighting drug, theft, prostitution and other street crimes. She sits on several committees and community boards and is a Charter Member of the Springfield Garden Lion Club. 


Andrew Barnes, III, Vice-Chair

Mr. Barnes, Manager of Community and Customer Management for National Grid, manages a portfolio of commercial and industrial customer accounts and assists natural gas users with energy efficiency projects to help save energy and money.  He is also the lead project manager for National Grid’s Hurricane Sandy Emergency Economic and Community Redevelopment Program to provide emergency grants to commercial, industrial and multi-family housing customers, throughout New York City and Long Island, to help offset the costs of reconstructing buildings and restoring business activity.  He is also responsible for building and maintaining strong relationships in Queens that help provide superior customer service. Barnes represents National Grid as a member on various organizational boards including the Queens Chamber of Commerce, Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, and the Alley Pond Environmental Center.  


Ben Waxman, Secretary

Mr. Waxman, the Chair of the Academic Accountability Committee of the Board, is currently a Network Leader at the Center for Educational Innovation-Public Education Association (CEI-PEA), where he supports NYC public schools through CEI-PEA’s Partnership Support Organization. Prior to assuming this role, he was Coordinator of Operations and Outreach for the UFT Elementary Charter School. He was also Local Instruction Superintendent for Region 5, Director of Middle School Initiatives for CSD 14 and Program Coordinator for the Low Performing Schools Initiative of the DOE’s Office of Comprehensive Planning.


Jeremiah C. Gaffney, III, Treasurer/Chair of the Finance Committee

Dr. Jeremiah C. Gaffney, III was born in the Bronx and spent most of his childhood in St. Albans Queens. He is the CEO and executive funeral director of Jeremiah C. Gaffney’s Funeral Home, Inc. and Jeremiah C. Gaffney’s Enterprises both located in Inwood, New York. Dr. Gaffney is the controller for Gaffney Medical Associates in Charlotte, North Caroline and the Business Coordinator for Mariah Hemmingway Foundation which provides health benefits to the underprivileged. Gaffney holds a doctorate in Economics from Oxford University.




Karon McFarlane

Karon McFarlane serves as the National Director of Community Engagement for World Vision in Bronx, NY. She has spent many years as a community advocate in various roles while championing youth, literacy, and leadership. In both Mount Vernon, NY and NYC, she helped to establish literacy networks and early childhood reading projects. As a trainer, she has developed methods, programs and conducted workshops to aid community organization and leadership. McFarlane holds a Masters in Education from Columbia University and a Masters in Public Administration from Syracuse University.

Gertrudis Hernandez

As a clinical mental health and High School Counselor, Mrs. Hernandez-Cohen makes Academic improvement, Mental Health and Recovery her highest priorities. Cultural sensitivity is a very important part of her practice, and she has more than 17 years of experience working with a very diverse population in the NYC Public School System, as a Guidance counselor, College Academic Advisor, and 504 Accommodation and SAT Coordinator. She describes her practice and her NYC Public Education work as “uniquely compassionate and caring, with maximum commitment and availability to students and clients and their well-being.”  Hernandez-Cohen uses Cognitive Behavioral, Motivational Interview, Solution Focused, Family System, and Intervention Therapy to guide students and their families towards efficient academic achievement.

Lana P. Small - Parent Representative*

* The CPCS Bylaws provides for one member of the Board to be a parent/guardian representative.  This position on the Board is elected annually. The Parent Trustee has the full rights and privileges as a Board member.


2016-17 Board Meeting Information/Minutes:

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CPCS 2016-17 School Year Meeting #11 Agenda - April 26, 2017

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CPCS 8th Annual Meeting [#13] - Agenda - June 21, 2017

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