Our School

American public education is in crisis. Our public education system simply hasn't kept pace with the changing social and economic shifts the world has experienced over the last twenty years. With the global shift to a creative, knowledge-based economy, it's more important than ever to equip learners with the skills and knowledge that wil enable each to succeed.

Challenge Preparatory Charter School is addressing 21st Century education with an exciting mix of research, academic rigor, and innovation. Our  purpose is to prepare students to gain admission to and succeed in competitive public and private high schools.

Recognizing that our students during the first charter term will be in high school preparing for college in 2020, the founders of Challenge Prep have designed an academic program that will build students’ foundational academic skills, content knowledge and motivation to succeed in high school, college and beyond.
Challenge Prep’s educational philosophy promotes high levels of academic achievement and tailoring instruction to ensure that academic needs of all students are met. Challenge Prep’s founders believe that good instruction recognizes the interrelation of content knowledge and higher order thinking and that, accordingly, good instruction should reflect a balanced approach to learning.
Challenge Prep's workshop model delivers balanced, NYS-aligned curricula in all subjects. This model has been selected because it supports the School’s balanced educational approach and builds capacity in teachers to differentiate instruction in a classroom of heterogeneous learners. The model facilitates differentiated instruction, and it has been highly effective in supporting academic achievement for at-risk populations, including ELL, Title I and special education students, as well as for academically gifted students. The workshop model is based on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and Benjamin Bloom’s work regarding strategies to help individuals to engage in the highest levels of thinking—i.e. analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
The School has a strong arts program. Through a partnership with Studio in a School, ongoing professional development and opportunities for professional artists to share their experience and expertise will be established.

By the end of fifth grade, our scholars demonstrate skills, content knowledge, and character traits vital to becoming independent, life-long learners.  The Challenge Prep scholar upon graduation from our lower school will:
  • be able to read independently for comprehension and write independently for purpose.
  • have an instructional focus on vocabulary to meet the needs of each student.
  • be able to recall arithmetic facts and think critically to solve math problems.
  • have an understanding of the world through knowledge in science and social studies.
  • be competitive with students from any background as they proceed in their education.